Deluxe Car Care Package

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The Deluxe Car Care Package contains:
  1. Dr. ColorChip Standard Paint Chip Repair Kit (repairs 2 dozen chips)
    • 1/2oz bottle of OEM matched paint
    • 2oz of SealAct blending solution
    • 1 ultra paint brush
    • 2 microbrushes
    • 1 microfiber towel
    • 1 nitrile glove
    • 1 white wiping/blending cloth
    • Instructions and Application Tips
  2. Dr. ColorPrep Solution
  3. Sonax NPT Liquid Wax
  4. ReNu Pro Trim Detailer
  5. 10-pack of Microbrushes
  • Plus a FREE Bone Sponge

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Deluxe Car Care Package Demonstration