SONAX Clear View Windshield Washer 1:100


Cleans windshields in seconds. Produces 6 gallons of washer fluid.
  • Removes insects, oil, silicone and hazardous blinding films in seconds.
  • Suitable for plastics-does not cause stress cracks or dull spots on headlight diffusers.
  • Well suitable for high-quality XENON headlamps and plastic diffusers in clear glass design.
  • With fresh Green Lemon Scent.
  • Suitable for fan jet nozzles.
  • Can be mixed with tap water (all hardness degrees) due to anti-lime formula.
  • Minimum wiper strokes - maximum safety. Contains bitter tasting ingredients to discourage ingestion by both children and adults.
  • SONAX Clear View Windshield Washer 1:100 Demonstration