Wheel and Tire Shine Kit


This Premium Kit includes:

  • SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus. The latest formulation for fast and effective removal of stubborn brake dust and road grime. The powerful wheel cleaner is 30% stronger and works much faster than SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect. PLUS sprays on clear and turns red almost instantly as it begins to work. Because it is acid-free, Wheel Cleaner PLUS is safe for use on all wheel types and will not damage or corrode wheel bolts.
  • SONAX Tire Gloss Gel. All-new tire restoration and conditioning formula from the chemists at SONAX. The innovative gel formula penetrates the tire surface hydrating and revitalizing the rubber. SONAX Tire Gloss Gel is rich in specially engineered silicon, achieving an intense, semi-gloss with a fresh, clean showroom shine. Each application lasts for several weeks. One bottle of SONAX Tire Gloss Gel is sufficient for up to fifty (50) tire applications.
  • SONAX Tire Gloss Gel Applicator Sponge. Quickly and easily applies SONAX Tire Gloss Gel to your wheels. The special concave shape of the applicator sponge molds easily to your tires' shape.
  • Wheel Woolie 3 Piece Kit Black Grip. Ultra soft fiber head. Clean wheels with the ultimate ease. Clean wheels of all shapes and sizes, and your hands will stay clean. Safe on any wheel finish. 100% metal free. The large brush head holds copious amounts of cleaning solution and reaches deep into wheel barrels, wheel wells and exhaust tips. Set includes:
  • 8" with 1" x 3" trim/head
  • 12" with 1.75" x 3" trim/head
  • 18" with 4" x 5" trim/head
  • Wheel Woolie Caliper Spoke Brush 18 inch Black Grip
  • Used to provide easy and effective for cleaning the back of the spokes on your wheels.
  • Combines an ultra-soft fiber head with a 45 degree angle handle to reach behind your spokes.
  • 100% metal free design makes is ideal for use on the most delicate wheel surfaces.
  • Generous size of the ultra-soft head makes cleaning even the widest spokes a breeze.
  • Very similar to the classic Wheel Woolie design except with an angled handle.
  • 18" with 1.875" x 5" trim/head 1/2 inch, handle with black grip.

Wheel and Tire Shine Kit Demonstration