Braun Automotive Wheel Woolies 3 Piece


The soft dense synthetic fibers are impervious to nearly all chemicals and will not flick cleaning solution on you or your work area. Instead, they carry a large amount of solution right where you need it most, on the part you want to clean. Wheel Woolies are 100% metal free so there is no chance of the brush scratching or damaging your wheels finish.
  • Clean wheels with the ultimate ease
  • Clean wheels of all shapes and sizes, and your hands will stay clean
  • Safe on any wheel finish

    Wheel Woolie 3 Piece Kit Red Grip Includes:
  • 8" with 1" x 3" trim/head
  • 18" with 1.875" x 5" trim/head
  • 18" with 4" x 5" trim/head